All Bright, 68 I Can See

When Everything Came Bright I love others in ways Not since I was childhood Intuition, bringing forth My young beagle dog; I was Four-years old, dad worked Hard, oil fields hard on calluses his hands Never recovered though At 29, he studied Electronics, Advance math, physics, chemistry In Industrial Thechnology He won me stuffed monkeyContinue reading “All Bright, 68 I Can See”

Softly Meditation

I sat today, no matter who I am, In time when 25 minutes seemed Like five. I jounsed my adversaries, Lack thereof focus, money pre- Occupation, more than language Than speech could understand.   Yesterday, without asking My teacher, not spoken in months, Helped me remove stain on men’s Separation, deliverance of divorce For eachContinue reading “Softly Meditation”

Arthritic Wires Cut My Tongue

This grave morning Wires cut the bottom Of my mouth, tongue Rasping into silence Another look at unreality Suppose you cut my Mouth with scissors, razor Bones, jagged with points Broken into soft flest Cannot lift tongue with muscle Torn into little pieces, no This is real, you cannot Feel, yes I can in doubleContinue reading “Arthritic Wires Cut My Tongue”