So the Glory of THE LORD, in Easter tide.

IMG_0007.jpg Easter is of man, this is because it happens so close to spring, and the pagan festivals of spring. Perhaps, and this is conjecture, and just perhaps, the earle Christian church decided to try and supplant pagan traditions. Just perhaps Easter really falls around spring, for Passover falls around Easter, or Easter falls around Passover, an essential Jewish recognition of the miracle of the Angel of Death passing over the first born male because God commanded Moses, paint the upper part of a door with the Blood of the Lamb. Jesus is The Blood of The Lamb, or rather he sheds The Blood of The Lamb and protects all of us who accept and do believe; thus I accept the Resurrection and The Life. Christ is with us, and this is the promise, that we shall not know death. Traditional Judaism rejects this, and yet, Scripture of The Holy Bible affirms such a promise, and though perhaps to some I’m on shaky ground, I affirm this acceptance of The Word. I have known and accepted this since a small child, but for a time I renounced such a stance because I claimed I could judge others.

Today it is clear I cannot judge others be they whatever religion, thought, or ideology they select, and NO, I cannot judge others, but I must claim for my own life what I see as the Truth. In turn, no one can judge me. I judge, I proclaim, and affirm, I cannot judge family, friends, enemy, other believer, I cannot judge or, it is easy, so difficult, and I pray for this, I cannot judge others in any way; I chose to remain free of judgement as Jesus commands, remain as close to The Law, to Love my God with all my heart and mind, and second, to Love my neighbors as myself, even to the best of my ability, my enemies. This I call the ultimate Law as laid down by Jesus Christ, and as I have most recently read in the Book of Luke in The Holy Bible, and this I with clear conscious mind do affirm as the outcome of my forgiveness, this for me the Only Way, Truth, and Light. I do know Jesus Christ, and this His commandment as from the Father, and I remain with The Holy Spirit.

Amen in Jesus Name I pray for myself and others!

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