Escaping Pain

Salve emotion into caves

No remorse given reasons

For existence sharp, crule

I rode as passenger to fast-food

Another chain around my neck

Burger buster bringer of onion

Tomato, mystic cream delight

We ate in silence, wonder

Why we’d come ten miles

To eat sandwich, ice cream, onions

Fried, dipped in rich batter, lowered

Becoming crisp; I found direction

To see me through dreams; corner

Of pain

OH, God how I hurt!

See, it is my neck, throbbing, tingling damning

Into shoulders, tongue, not eyes, even teeth, incisors

They my eyes see, again, they see more, more, I look on

Into space as Oh let lose another, day release for my Pearl,

Into Pound of fat from body, not my brain of neurons which

Sit on top my shoulders with memory, antiquity of reason,

Nothing remains in another land, Oh Jerusalem, that pain!

Let loose like cannon into heaven, all fallen, gone into hell

Angles fell, Lucifer first jumped overboard, never found

Bottom, bottomless, Second? Who was second among fallen

Angles? Why, it was pain, pain, pain, was second in condemned,

See, there is more than pain, that beauty, truth, wisdom,

Oh, poet laurel given all who write, that shiner into compassion

Flying high of thought of beautiful image, metaphor connecting

Above this day, this night, this in between, this flight of doves,

Especially morning, when I sit like Shikantaza, sit lasting,

Yet all meditation class, teacher, I come to write story in verse

Fallen angle pain gone for five hours, so I use my twelve

Pound thinking device no computer could ever touch twice

Ever touch, no grace in circuit board, stamped, printed without

Design engineering into mock ceramic board, no compassion

However, head, my idea maker, “my create a poem,” thoughtfulness

More than every day, poetry lives in my ferocious mind before

Lead wires, soldered into wordsmith rhyme, organic poetry lives

On into night, Lucifer never knew, or know or, pain, defeated,

Cannot Rejoice– Night of celebration, delight, of course, in dance

Word compassion, so dare we have compassion, on to vibrant

Life for Lucifer, angle of light, the beautiful felt only envy?

OR pain, second in control, only throb, no, neither bound to me

Not One has me, I am free in poetry, I am free, I’m free.

Beauty in my Friends

So many women friends,

I see my wife in different light

Now that I”m almost sixty-eight

Strong, independent, truly the peral

I’ve always known– she is not affraid

To correct me, Marjorie from Margarita,

Pearl of one mind, she manages

Our money, drives me to my doctors,

Though nearly blind in one eye,

Better driver of her car, and registration

Of her vehicle IN HER NAME,

Wonderment, I’m on the deed,

My dead is more responsive, more

Responsible with weekly allowance

She gives me, I love her more,

She allows me into our daughter’s

Strong independent life, as our

Daughter allows my peace of mind,

Laurel Ann, accolade of our upbringing

Coming to the comprehensives

Of her doctorate– soon she will

Be doctor Laurel, earned name,

So many accolades, I took responsibility

There, dad’s showing at theaters

Of daughter’s movies, love we shared,

Then our Pearl, her mom, me privildged

Two strong women, Wife and Daughter,

Two friends I love, but show, don’t tell.


She lay in her bed

Bunched in yellow skin

Yelling, “Ma, I got to go!”

My grandmother weak

Of mind vowed

Twenty-five years ago

To take her into every

Condition, apartment

Life like no poverty

Known in our dimming

Past as California receeded

Into nothingness, rough

Into more than we

Could bare, mire left alone

In our thirst for homeland,

Alice could not know walking

Set daily into non-motion

Legs bunched into brief

Wisdom without intellegence

She did not read, but my brother

And I drove her over edge of night.

Dare We Dream?

Invisible light path

Upon which light stream,

The breath of dream

Music of our fright

Or Aria of delight in morniong

Sky– illusion of insight

Our negativity lies as we live

In spice of negativity of people

Who dwell in Plato’s cave, most

With shadows deep into which

They hide their fright.

They move between more of night

And less of day, of lingering light at mouth

Of grave opening of day into which

They lay traps of words, apples of knowledge

Without wisdom for me– various others

Creative in our plan, without leaves,

Plants dead in shadow of perpetual

Night, I slipped away at age 22,

Wise beyond my own sly eyes,

Writing words, delight into mind

More of essence and more of slight

These diving into embers left

Firm fires left from those

Of us who escaped cold caves

For gardens, gardens where

We dug our way out by sweat

Of brow, working land always working

Soil to grow poems which sprout

Love, into trees created from genes

Cells we discovered from science

Art, music, poems wound like

Serpents of desire teaching more,

More than ignorance of caves.

More mind over; never soft

All about diurnal flight.

Always, then Gone

It was then, say 54

Years ago, blog, blog, blog

Ever milestone around neck.

I don’t cry but live with what

Would be done to me

Then wept, moaned

“Oh. God! I’m sorry!”

Slake my mouth lost

My teeth all crowns,

Even fillings lost,

Every gold inlay

Out my mouth,

All my teeth crowns

Magic porcupine quit

Of lost decay, left on drill

Floor, there where truth

Came, and Finally, add fifteen years

I came to truth.

Shadows on Cave

I lean back in chair

Have realized, body

Now frail, I’m only

67-years less hair on skull,

What remains of thought,

Simple jottings of simple man

Lingering outside Plato’s

Cave, then back to retrieve

Sun glasses, I then wander

Through gray smoke, tree

Lined river bank, where

Is my camera? In my hand

Simple tablet, wondering

Light box on digits

Sun bleeding light down

Among plague coming

Shining artifact what leaves

Earth, beaches, forest, mountain

Civilized are those of us wonder

Leading our children by hand,

Much in our generations left

Behind when we wonder ethnic

To the bone; Rambled out

Of cave, to forest, children

Aware, she’s thirty

This year she’s thirty

What will she deal with, smoke

Will never part, I sit

Quietly, all my time

With her mother since 9-11

Day of my birth I was so young,

Twenty-seven, Together on January 7,

1980 we stepped

Into light, arriving where, no

Beatings she’s 64, I’m 67, Oh God

In front of our door on porch her flowers.

How did we travel from Iowa.

Yes, To Nebraska, Yes To Colorado

To Illinois, To rest in South Dakota

USA, What happened as in 1993

Stunned out of full-time teaching

Failing tenure, gave way

Over many, 26 years, 11 years

Wandering USA plains in light

Truth finding scrawled images.

Nowhere lost, color negatives,

No evidence of Kodak

In Walmart, in Eastman,

More in electronic when Nikon

We lived in South Dakota. Nikon

Made no more film cameras, all

Dried up, no darkrooms, computers

Became laboratory, Where is acid

Bath, Hydrous, what water soak

Rivers of silver, silver dumped

Into town in North Dakota.

Why did we come to South Dakota

We only know, it was a good

Place to avoid daily murder, drug

Bust, would never be the same

Again, throwing shadows back

Into the cave, no longer helpless,

We leave a little behind our shadows.

Andrew, Brother of Life

My mind like a river rushes forth, only creek

Into day, I’ve lost yesterday, Winter gone

God can see, not rushing drops, Water in me

Water divine, I long

for my growth of green

Well into Creek Bed banks, brown rising Life it’s Water

Spring of this creek, called Turtle Creek Well done servant

Faithfully, racing I am Rock under time supporting sands

My water, my leading lifetime unrecognized until time

Don’t let me lose like more then green, out, Peter

At Sea of Galilee, catch he walks then sinks hand

Raised Leaves have turned from brown in fall, into Life

He is life, I bring His life to life, unending, Him reaching

Amazing freedom out brother up unrestrained water

Not held, I am light refracted in droplets Bring

Him up Of melted faith, forgiven little fathoms undone

Brother up into oxygen, hydrogen, no legacy, is Risen

Life, Andrew, alone finding Him whose name no more

Will last uniting His only sunshine refracting brother

In Rain, sun coming in my banks, washing, forgotten

Photographed in greatness He is Light, written sheets

Then more than ten-thousand photons in microns less

Ten million Droplets bringing life, more millions

Energy A Billion Trillion from Sun Dance radiation,

Shown into day More night I bring Freedom I’ve found

To their Shoots, this is spring, God’s most beginning

Seeds into earth of winter, sleep opened guiding leaves

Other life to Him, yes, they are awake, lighting path

Like Peter looking who gazing, I knew my brother teaching

Needed Him, Around Sun, then stems from me risen

Emanuel awakened over land each shoot of Life

Up, Lord I need your energy, you for others, forgotten

Worked warmth into in universe, space brought bright

Into Life, I am eternal atoms, into life-giving part

I am neutrinos swirling, then apart You seep slowly

Into waking plants Your paradox of Life Light Living

Water new life in my banks for Him, Baptism shore

Remember I am Total Creek, I am Turtle tiny, Not

Forgotten Creek, others do not think upon me, I bring

Springtime Life conquering sleep of Winter

Rise into Him, Belief, I bring Him, I bring new

Life on March 20th now is always Spring this year

2019, Rotating into Vernal Equinox, His Life is in me

March 20th sundown begins Your Spring, Prism

Into New Moon, Dancing Light slipping night away

You are Him now overcoming, rising replaces

Death, He is newness in our Life, I show His New Birth

Water into Baptism from John living in wilderness

He is tempted then into that wilderness, Finally

Son beyond temptation, still You are Spring of part,

New Life, of hearts out of tomb not how! Angles brings

Our Sun risen over land, perfect Life in us we live in You.

Peter Pilgrim, cathedral light broken air like a Dove

You overcame death, bowing out of waters onto our lives.