Joy in my Life

It is joy hearing rain pound

On simple air, on days we will suggest

Reality within my backyard, confines

Of our white privacy fence, snow

Again on April 1st we see development

Of growing younger year by precocious

Year, when days dance in and out

Of more simplicity of mind, singing birds

Singing, I mean singing, songbirds far

Away in more land than one could walk

This is music, this is music, violence gone,

More peace will surface with glory of cloud

Snow let loose, rain switching

Blizzard Wesley and Home

We did not expect this storm on April 10th, 2019. We weren’t stocked with the right kinds of food. The roads quickly became impassible, and the lights went out. We did not have enough food in our home because most edibles were in our new LG refrigerator, a Christmas Present replacing the old leaking Frigidaire. Our old electric stove sat in the house but didn’t match the rest of the appliances now Besides it had taken major cosmetic dings and though and didn’t match excellent LG microwave oven, nor the new fridge. What good were these appliances without access to dry goods, caned goods that could provide nutritious meals. We’d opted for our small remodeled kitchen equipped all new matching appliances. Marge never liked a dishwasher, so that space became new counter top at the time for the remodel. But, even so Wesley took us completely off guard, this the strongest Blizzard on record. Wesley started out as a simple rain and snow shower and quickly developed into the strongest winter storm on record. Our new appliances were dependent’t on that beautiful new LG refrigerator, and we were dependent on electricity.

Almost all of our food is in this lovely new refrigerator. However, we had a few cans of soup, tuna, and crushed tomatoes, paste, sauce, most fixings for spaghetti. First roads became impassible about 10 p.m. and lights began to flicker. Lights had performed such a dance in winter storms in the past, but even with warnings on our computers, in the newspaper, and we didn’t heed media believing News and weather sources might exaggerate our situation. After all, one does not expect more than the average snow storm on April 10th, the middle of Spring. The Lord seemed far away that evening and not in need. We underestimated all our friends, and pastor Jan, my friends, what could they do?

I Sit Easily with my Wife

I am 67-years-old,

Marjorie meaning Pearl

Tells me I am not

Living in “The Now,”

I love her– we have been

Together almost 39 years,

We live easily, me in my

Easy chair, her wits greater

She lounges back supported

With her couch, reading

Device I’ve bought her

Two on time payments,

For me, asking is all,

For her being is all,

I write, she reads, silver

Hair thick, covering

Intellect, with reminders,

Mine, bald with minders,

Both brilliant, l both realization,

Converting Agape from Love

It wasn’t easy, we made it

Some divorce, with help,

Daughter is safe.

I sit in meditation,

She reads, cooks our

Meal in her kitchen,

Always resolved to care for me.

Die in Morning Sun

When we rise to glorious

Sun rising above treeline,

When green becomes ancient

In our vision, then spring brings

Me hollyhocks, tulips in red, glorious

Are these in dark red, deep purple.

Gradient of sun gives color, shape

In petals, leaf, vine irises nearly

Blue, breathe given us, always

Wonderment of spring, water

Most usually most needed, never

Like this year, flood, water, deluged

Each fields standing in water, rain

In fall, blizzard after blizzard. Days

When snow piled above our skyline,

Clear, white, clear brown, white again,

Finally, green showing in April, then

Another snow, white, heavy with wet,

What more could I envision in early May

Green gone into every root, vine

Shoot of grass, rising above, farms

Still deluged, water standing in low

Sinking to bottom of field, tree stand,

Homesteads, family farms, given

Generation to generation, loveingly

Handed from father to son, big

Machinery, tractors, disk and plow,

Mercy of wind with no till, most Sun

\Rising daily to continue each morning,

Pushing up seed, to become ready October

Harvest through November, into dark

Days when sun rises


Escaping Pain

Salve emotion into caves

No remorse given reasons

For existence sharp, crule

I rode as passenger to fast-food

Another chain around my neck

Burger buster bringer of onion

Tomato, mystic cream delight

We ate in silence, wonder

Why we’d come ten miles

To eat sandwich, ice cream, onions

Fried, dipped in rich batter, lowered

Becoming crisp; I found direction

To see me through dreams; corner

Of pain

OH, God how I hurt!

See, it is my neck, throbbing, tingling damning

Into shoulders, tongue, not eyes, even teeth, incisors

They my eyes see, again, they see more, more, I look on

Into space as Oh let lose another, day release for my Pearl,

Into Pound of fat from body, not my brain of neurons which

Sit on top my shoulders with memory, antiquity of reason,

Nothing remains in another land, Oh Jerusalem, that pain!

Let loose like cannon into heaven, all fallen, gone into hell

Angles fell, Lucifer first jumped overboard, never found

Bottom, bottomless, Second? Who was second among fallen

Angles? Why, it was pain, pain, pain, was second in condemned,

See, there is more than pain, that beauty, truth, wisdom,

Oh, poet laurel given all who write, that shiner into compassion

Flying high of thought of beautiful image, metaphor connecting

Above this day, this night, this in between, this flight of doves,

Especially morning, when I sit like Shikantaza, sit lasting,

Yet all meditation class, teacher, I come to write story in verse

Fallen angle pain gone for five hours, so I use my twelve

Pound thinking device no computer could ever touch twice

Ever touch, no grace in circuit board, stamped, printed without

Design engineering into mock ceramic board, no compassion

However, head, my idea maker, “my create a poem,” thoughtfulness

More than every day, poetry lives in my ferocious mind before

Lead wires, soldered into wordsmith rhyme, organic poetry lives

On into night, Lucifer never knew, or know or, pain, defeated,

Cannot Rejoice– Night of celebration, delight, of course, in dance

Word compassion, so dare we have compassion, on to vibrant

Life for Lucifer, angle of light, the beautiful felt only envy?

OR pain, second in control, only throb, no, neither bound to me

Not One has me, I am free in poetry, I am free, I’m free.