There is Love in Baroque

So, withheld not, but given

She takes her husband

To little gym, linger they both

Below the fig tree, Zachariah,

Meant for another chapter

In the Lord’s stones of life

So the this short namesake

Man did climb tree to see our Lord

Pass bye, said to our Lord, “I give

One half To poor, I am rich, to those

I have cheated, I give four, more

Times over, God doth ask nothing

Of thee Lord, of me everything

To make right my croaked way ; I shall give,

I shall give this unto our Lord, unto our

My name Zacchaeus  

Zacchaeus Innocent

Oh pure son of Abraham, your place set

In Heaven, you gave this day, man of taxes

Sinner of one half your riches, then four

Times, what you have stolen, as this child,

Boy gave his life, now is clean in Jesus,

Christ our Lord has given this boy, man

Simple ignorance made clean, he may

Not return, but gave to boy of six,

Understanding in his Heavenly Father,

Such that when such urge should,

Take hold, the boy need only pour

His soul out upon this Ground

Of true supplication into God’s vessel, His

Understanding of The Cross, our Lord’s

Forgiveness, and Jesus making clean

Another urge, this boy at age 67,

Found healing, knelt in mind, in spirit

Before the Lord, for both legs broken

Never of the Lord, in supplication

He became son of righteousness

Like his worldly father who had repented,

Become pure like innocent Zacchaeus

To thank our Lord in complete gratitude.

Harmony with 10 Days to Christmas

Simple–I ask for a gift or two, and surprises, with new behaviors–my wife says, “Don’t go looking for a fight!” She’s right. I usually meander through conversations, not thinking much about what I say–not thinking of more or less as my friend Mel says of my life now, “Let God do the heavy lifting.” So is this the gift I was looking for in the beginning, and finally found Will he shoot lye and ammonia once more into his veins? Probably. Will he ignore the five-thousand and one warnings he has received about Meth? Well now I find the other is addicted to the same drug, and he was not completely honest with me, or perhaps I heard what I wanted to hear.

Remember, there is a God, a personal God through Emanuel, God with us, and at this point, I ask to many questions. I am a believer, a man believing of the cross, and my friend Thomas Kyousui, my dear friend from Earling, Iowa says, “Your friend Mel is right in that you have a right to be here.” So as my friend Pastor Jan says, “Be there for this man.” But, I believe the completion is to say, “Reach out when reached toward.” Just let it go, and perhaps his letting go will be death, and there is nothing I can do, nothing…” He has selected his own destiny–leave it be.”

I “Git Sober” the Hard Way.

There was nothing–I had three degrees, BA, MA, and Ed.S. with no meaning. The day before I’d resigned my TA in a fourth degree program from another Prestigious University. I had a penchant for good schools, and I’d drunk my way through each degree I earned. That, and I smoked a small ton of pot. However, I managed to get to the next exam, and perform in miraculous splendor. Not really–in my BA, I earned a 2.87 GPA largely because of a blank exam booklet at the final exam, so I had scribbled an essay in the back of the blue-book about the travesty of