July 22nd Eternal Birth

I placed down my cups of desire

For Bach–St. Mathew’s Passion,

Polyphony revealed in my own

Lens, another Image pulled like painful

Decisions yet not to teach their way, to give

Yes through natural reflex, my decision

Into steady air, end knowing I gave

Another language, that Sermon

Presented when I confessed Him

To my friend, I had found Him in words

Then in my camera, my worth, my poems,

His image to dedicate years of liquid courage

Of natural habit,  yet, my house now is built

On bedrock on land she purchased, nothing

Could destroy when wine had changed,

Became solution binding me away from death

Serenity in each story my daily bread, my truth

From woman or man in each to each tribal

Night into galaxies we inherited at His meetings

Death undone, his gift in universal language

As we spoke revaluations of Passion

Through my eyes then Shape, color, image,

Composition, as Earth became my dust,

Sky, water, cloud, to cycle as even Crossing

Into this tree Revealed those who gathered light

Gifts of flowers, Inpatients, another vision

She’s found, him as woman, come from Land,

She’d purchased to build her demure

Womanhood, her mind, silenced, now spoken

Her greatest gift, with honesty she gave me.

She loved me into sanity, her gifts of love

She never said, showed in three a.m. vigil

Thinking back, I saw her waiting outside

My ICU, where I hung my death in life blood

Returned to photograph her slight nature,

My eyes released for photographing His

Sermon in which I inherited Earth, Peace,

Most of all–her love she did not speak.

Now Peaceful is His earth in which I give my gifts.

Charles Taylor C2018

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