Is Jesus Christ forgotten in the lives and Gay Lesbian Women in Need of Health!

Royal Heaven for red

Blood shed for kids:

Protestants now abandon,

Women with need

How could people eat

Babies unwanted or

Death in rape victim?

Become Objects red,

In sight of God Jesus

Himself dying nacked

Upon tree of shame?

Broght before

My worst arthretic

Claim holy that in blue was

Sky,who decided

Cynthia gives life

To heathan man?

Willing to beat girls

Strap the child with razor

Edge with nothing?

No worries he claims

Like water boarding

Children!  I’m grateful

These churches nanny

But I’m  fed up with money!

Yet, Claimed no tithe

Lies themselves as checks

Grubing bringing death

Thought to my friendship!

Who feeds ministers?

Who don’t feed children?

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