I don’t want to lose her

So, I will do anything

Short of giving up

Jesus my rock

Yet, in years

Past she was my

Salvation that’s

Changed as God

Of love where

Is my salvation

Oh God Jesus

Send the Comforter

Make me giving

Oh mighty God

My Rock of salvation

I believe to be just

A man an Your

Serve the creation

Of this woman my

Companion. Most

High my Creator

Now in.my experience

I am ignorant Oh God

Miracle of our creation

So can I but leave all

To You enter our Jesus

How do I share miracle

Of transformation beautiful

Jesus come into our

Lives together oh leave

Our transformation

To You bringer of eternal

Creation Quencher

Of old thirst in daily

Submission I pray to forgive

My adultery lust color either

Refined in dark passages

She has forgotten my

Surrender asking girls

To leave so of our reassurance

How can i allow her freedom

She is so very frightened

So I must leave this totally

In Your Hands oh nail prints

Be my salvation forgive list

My adorations and clense

Me make me father husband

In Thy Name Amen, Amen!

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