Oh my Lord and Savior…Let it be…

I have found ways to show my love and Your love without even mentioning anything about God, or my Savior, or the Holy Spirit–lead with true love, with observation, with simple essence, with kindness, picking up my cloths, keeping the bathroon reasonable (I have never once left the seat up, but other ways), picking upContinue reading “Oh my Lord and Savior…Let it be…”

As it were, I sit Shikantaza

Life, consistent, flowers, Thus, I sit, open mind To middle path again, My wife, my Rakusu Cover, block scraps, yet Black brocade beauty Lining, the vast interior Of the simple squares sewn In straight lines with open of solid Black cloth, round, my old teach My poet friend practices Tai Chi Sikantaza the middle sitting,Continue reading “As it were, I sit Shikantaza”

This Is My Praise To The Lord

Most people walk thine lines Between what they want, What they have, charging On a card until its maxed There is no Praise in things, What one has and what wants Bread or fear of not having enough, What’s enough of radios, TVs, toasters, Books, furniture, brown cedar chests, Old coins hidden in tin cans,Continue reading “This Is My Praise To The Lord”

Self Rebuilt from Lack of Love, into faith mother, as I admit I Always Loved You.

Oh, mom, remember that the last eight months of your fight with breast cancer I began to call you several times a week from Sioux Falls? Each time I told you how much our little family loved you. Sometimes Little Laurel Would speak with grandma. Then I called every day at the risk of lossContinue reading “Self Rebuilt from Lack of Love, into faith mother, as I admit I Always Loved You.”