For Jan, My Gentle Pastor, Legacy of Hudson, my Grand Nephew, my unknown friend.

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Because of listening, he brought me Realizations that I’d found my God My Jesus, my Holy Spirit, some 30 years Ago plus a few months. This at Christmas Tide, December 10, 2017, realizations In Grace divine, Oh my Jesus keeper Of lambs, you found me as…

This Morning We Celebrate

More like the idea that has all broken down dreams and houseplants won’t bloom because they no longer grow; them, those orchids or philodendrons or pansies or flowers or violets because none would grow in grandma’s apartment. She had no love except for Alice who sat day after day screaming “Ma! Ma! Ma!” And weContinue reading “This Morning We Celebrate”

I Praise my Lord, Death through Jordan!

By His own hand–He leadeth me! He loves me, Jesus Christ loves me, I have in my mind this vision of little Chuck saying to this man, “Who are you?” “I’m Jesus little one, so who might you be??” This is my mind, my memories of little seven-year=old Chuck walking going where, to keep momContinue reading “I Praise my Lord, Death through Jordan!”

Pain, Substantial–bring me home

God, except my decrepit Misery, slice through skull Buzz knife, cut, hammer All night long, all night No silence pervades, each Cut–oh God, through, knife, racketed Into brain, and bone, believe, not So usable, indivisible pain solid Sold for bucket of ice, always Daylight, not day turn away, give Over curse and disable, five, orContinue reading “Pain, Substantial–bring me home”

Great Gratitude for Andy’s Teaching

Lacking envy I look at strength of leaving envy behind and just sitting with myself and breathing without struggling with understanding that I am hooked then let go remain with God and faith and that’s not easy letting those feelings harmful go with my friends and professional helps and relaxing with my breath. Thank youContinue reading “Great Gratitude for Andy’s Teaching”

Let’s have opened living rather than separate life with each other work slowly with loving kindness and you heart and mind!

When we know our letting go and letting the goodness of God have compassion because you share your friendship and caring. This is good and right to help with conviction. The empathy one feels for God and share yourself with others, As long as others feel sorrow and lack need for survival I will helpContinue reading “Let’s have opened living rather than separate life with each other work slowly with loving kindness and you heart and mind!”

I Was a Fat Boy for a Short Time.

It began in the 4th grade when I left my dad for Iowa because of my mom’s divorce–my brother got mean, and I became reclusive, and eating was my past time; I would even eat whatever was in the refrigerator–so what? Well, pickles, old fries, heads of lettuce with lots of expensive dressing, candy, imitationContinue reading “I Was a Fat Boy for a Short Time.”

When Will I Learn, Stories about Anger

Oh my anger has gotten me into trouble many a time, oh back to the seven-year-old boy, slumped in the kitchen, weeping, daddy, please come home, don’t leave us…this boy began to gain weight, stuffed anger, and the last vestige of California beauty, that trip to the top of Pine Mountain, above seven thousand feetContinue reading “When Will I Learn, Stories about Anger”