Let Me But Believe Bud Bower

This gift of love, compassion For UNISEX, By-sex, Hetero sex, And United Nations Children’s Fund, the child who does know– Would walk a mile, yet, to like Uncle Bud’s house, Aunt Noreen, all the kids, Jean and Susan, milk goats, Horses, Bud with bread went to work with truck, To make millions, his children comingContinue reading “Let Me But Believe Bud Bower”

When I Walk Down the Streets of Hartford. There’s so much more!!!

There is so much more to Hartford When I think of pharmaceuticals Vince. He is just Vince to most Folks, Republican what makes Absolutely NO difference Democrat Parties, for birthdays, he knows my AA Birthdays every year he congratulates Me, Sky blue summer like today, hot In that Colorado sun, 88 degrees, warmer No HumidityContinue reading “When I Walk Down the Streets of Hartford. There’s so much more!!!”

Starting over!

My dearest, I love as daylight More morningĀ  all stars Loving, this is so great, I crave Chocolate, weigh 198 lbs. What happened, yes you live in garden Life with me, land of plenty Eggs sauteed in mushrooms, onion Sauce, superlatives, abstractions; Let me try my apatite, seculent Stuffed with wild rice, carrots, cabbage. MothersContinue reading “Starting over!”