The Lord Brings Me In

I was so dishonest, yer God sees streaks Of what remains, as my Mother slipped Into the church with legally married Don, My step-dad, honest and tears falling White rain Love and Honesty given As Conscious willing with Jesus brought Them closer to truth about Charles, rumored He’d never known the Lord, and father inContinue reading “The Lord Brings Me In”

Gift of Marriage with Child

  She came after mother’s 17 hours of labor, No C section, mistake of doctors, left my wife With her damage, doctors sometimes not Everything, consider this, “All I’ll give you, Since you’ve asked is all our time together,” tale Of rugged passages, the near misses, the broken Messages, yet the controlling each other, neverContinue reading “Gift of Marriage with Child”

Already in August

Fall comes again In measured steps We walk woods without boots Yes sturdy prescription shoes Wind, cool air seeps again To our wisdom of days growing Shorter already, we listen again Whistle of some birds flying south Does Ruby Throat hum Into shallow sky?   We know others perform Squirrel, raccoon, rabbit storing Away unlikeContinue reading “Already in August”

For Jan, My Gentle Pastor, Legacy of Hudson, my Grand Nephew, my unknown friend.

Because of listening, he brought me Realizations that I’d found my God My Jesus, my Holy Spirit, some 30 years Ago plus a few months. This at Christmas Tide, December 10, 2017, realizations In Grace divine, Oh my Jesus keeper Of lambs, you found me as seven Year-old-boy at Baptist altar call, At baptism throughContinue reading “For Jan, My Gentle Pastor, Legacy of Hudson, my Grand Nephew, my unknown friend.”

This Morning Bright and Fair

To stop and see Reader delight of wisdom In Plains so black, morning Temperance into singing I bless this day, remove My doubt, my day has gone My sight restored,  my day shall Arise in this sun, this Sunday Sing notes of Hymns, receiving God, every dew stripped August Frozen blade of Grass, mown forContinue reading “This Morning Bright and Fair”

Son’s Love for Two Sisters

Dorothy, their dear tender mother, Who listened to her sons in sickness, Dorothy meaning “Gift of God,” May we remember dear Ruth, Beauty, wonder in recognition her tenderness toward Dorothy Hoffman His mother Citizen of His Crown, Ruthie’s Beauty given from God, his mother had instinct, Ruth undermining hate making greatness as a Certified NursingContinue reading “Son’s Love for Two Sisters”

I Say All Sisters, Brothers

Please let stand music Stratus Let me sing in every ear More my lessons of read and write More great digging into math: I don’t Understand trees, clouds, wonderment Except in God, Jesus, Zazen, Remember all not ember, into spaces Cut beyond black what’s there No harsh without air, pockets Space travel, all our earth,Continue reading “I Say All Sisters, Brothers”

I Went to Hartford.

You might think I said Harvard, I said Hartford, about 3000 souls Less that Harvard’s freshman classes Five thousand outskirts, nothing More on Hill, Hartford cemetery I said I’m being cremated, brother-in-law Obscure lung ailment from Arizona Dry cactus, Bactria, viral, not the Same, no one’s ever yearly the same I’ve lost thousands, thousands, thousandsContinue reading “I Went to Hartford.”

At His Feet, Where Grace Is Wonder

Trade my forgiveness worn legs with You Where I wish for bread of life, up from death My only vision I pray forgiveness, cannot withstand My anger down, my death unfurled to Thee Day often long away, I wish for light of day Lay down first drink, first bottle You are found, Now my onlyContinue reading “At His Feet, Where Grace Is Wonder”