I Praise my Lord, Death through Jordan!

By His own hand–He leadeth me! He loves me, Jesus Christ loves me, I have in my mind this vision of little Chuck saying to this man, “Who are you?” “I’m Jesus little one, so who might you be??” This is my mind, my memories of little seven-year=old Chuck walking going where, to keep momContinue reading “I Praise my Lord, Death through Jordan!”

To Mourn my Mother, For My Aunt Ruth’s Death

Oh dear God, why does this relate to my dear mother–it’s her sister, and now my aunt could go anytime, and what we have learned what is more of the same, at this point and time, she could go anytime, anytime as what the Lord wills? We shall know in advance.  We know how seriouslyContinue reading “To Mourn my Mother, For My Aunt Ruth’s Death”

God Be With You, till we meet again, till we meet at Jesus feet.

I told you Marjorie that I would not separate from you ever, and even as Lazarus was denied, I shall be able to reach out to you wherever you are; sweet God Himself shall reach out to thy parched soul, and my Love eternal is so strong, so as to reach you in, let usContinue reading “God Be With You, till we meet again, till we meet at Jesus feet.”

Why seek the woman of my life?

The answer is simple I love her so much she commands my actions–I asked her this morning, “What can I do to be supportive?” She answered, “Give me some space.” She was quiet about it, and there were actions with our bodies she was so quiet you could hear nothing except our rushed breathing, noContinue reading “Why seek the woman of my life?”