Walking Along the Streets of Hartford I wrote Poems

Last November walking Into another December light Slant lines invisible because Of pain before, so more into my bones, Neck swollen, ears atuned to autumn To compositions of Saint-Saens, his great becoming Organ, the third Symphony, Organ Symphony, wisdom, unfureled Doesn’t care to come as swiftly as age. I was fifty, twiddled half of lifeContinue reading “Walking Along the Streets of Hartford I wrote Poems”

It’s “A Long Ride,” But Still, I Make It Home.

Yes, it’s been a while since I learned a new skill. The question is should I venture away from life’s path of, for me, photography and writing, and try a new skill, or should I stay, and make more graceful what I know. I lean toward staying with the tried and true for four reasons.Continue reading “It’s “A Long Ride,” But Still, I Make It Home.”

So Anxious In That Art

May we once again experience beauty In the crabapple, Crabby Appleton villain He withstood tests of time over 62 years, Then small boy of seven watching with bent Eyes, mother into mommy, into mom, Never Dorothy, worthy woman, she was Bitten by divorce, to be called as single Parent, Two children “Whore, you whore, Out,Continue reading “So Anxious In That Art”

Brave Through My Disabilities

    Early in 1975, after a linghtly stay in the “psych wards,” I was told by Psychiatrist Gertrude Doughton, DO at Broadlawns (County Hospital) In Des Moines, Iowa that I should give up my dreams of graduate school and a family, move in with my mother, sit back and collect SSI from Social Security.Continue reading “Brave Through My Disabilities”