Harmony with 10 Days to Christmas

Simple–I ask for a gift or two, and surprises, with new behaviors–my wife says, “Don’t go looking for a fight!” She’s right. I usually meander through conversations, not thinking much about what I say–not thinking of more or less as my friend Mel says of my life now, “Let God do the heavy lifting.” SoContinue reading “Harmony with 10 Days to Christmas”

I Recoil from my own Substance Use, this Gift of God.

From the day I put down the first drink, from July 22, 1987, as I drove in terror away from the last of breaking into lasting full-time teaching, at that moment I recognized my utter terror, the dreams drinking and drugging had torn away from my soul, this shall I ever weep because I hadContinue reading “I Recoil from my own Substance Use, this Gift of God.”