I Sit Quietly

Library talks like afternoon Fall leaves rustle delight Spatter talk, librarian teaching Her positions of books Music of copy machine, Sings like zither, harp, accordian Designed in bellows muffeled, Sally into THE HELP JESUS WISDOM Buddha, some 500 Years before, books name Andrew Wyatt, Allen Ginsberg William Shakespeare; librarian Chatter near the door, direction ToContinue reading “I Sit Quietly”

Hartford Cemetery Not

I have asked for two clergy officiating memorial after cremation, Dust, gray ash, death pall of my woody skin, but Turtle Creek Flows into my heart, lungs, kidneys, bones, these are part Of our home. Organs constructed sometimes fail, pacemaker Functioning well, however… Cigarettes gone for 18 years, Arthritis in my spine pushed to acheContinue reading “Hartford Cemetery Not”