Genesis 1:1 ~ In the Beginning

I’m grateful for the opportunity to write poetry in fact I enjoy every idea of consideration and love nonviolent writing! When you are frightened and yet energic with the Books of care and full explanations even though the Books may differ in their struggle to find detail and essentially metaphor, one may reach to the senses like religeous Books with even smell and color, essentially actual physically giving details one can see,touch, smell, and hear, real physical description, then writing comes alive as with the Bible and the Koran, other religeous books like the works of famou Zen masters, then,  Muslim, Budhist, Tao All representations of great religions of the world become easily understood! Thus fighting over meaning is not necessary. We may begin to have understanding and peace because there are not differences of color, stations of life, And personal ideas don’t have to get in the way of peace and security! When Christians become tolerant and living toward All people may live in their struggle to be calmer and Christian.

Sacred Sunshine

The first verse of the Bible reads, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1, NIV). If God did not create the universe then there is no point to reading the rest of the Bible. However, if God created everything that exists then human beings have a responsibility to read the Bible and to hear the words of God.

How did the universe get here? Intelligent people have been attempting to answer this question for thousands of years. Matthew Henry says “the Bible gives us a surer and better, a more satisfying and useful, knowledge of the origin of the universe, than all the volumes of the philosophers. The lively faith of humble Christians understands this matter better than the elevated fancy of the greatest wits…”

There are only two answers to the question about the origin of the universe: (1) A supernatural force created everything…

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I was a University and community college instructor before retiring. I also worked in fast food restaurants, and retail stores. I am an ordinary man writing for because I want to write and because my education prepared me to write; BA English lit, MA English, EdS higher education, and MFA creative writing, free verse poetry and essays. Blogs are an answer to high-priced self-publishing. Walt Whitman had to self-publish his first 1000 copies of the 1855 edition of Leaves of Grass because in 1855 poetry did not sell. Most poets make a living in other ways than writing. Wallace Stevens was an insurance executive, and TS Eliot was a banker. Many writers teach, and always there have been writers who have written because they needed to express their thoughts and feelings. They wrote not necessarily to make money but to express "the old universal truths of the human heart" according to Faulkner. Here I reach a wider audience I missed than by self-publishing, and I stand a better chance to reach a wider audience for less expense than self-publishing. I self-published my first books, Winter from Spring, and Meditations on Gratitude; poetry and photo books which were easier to self-publish than to seek a not to seek a publisher company. This blog allows me to write for an interested audience because I write poetry and personal essays. I write for a friendly audience and present to you a slice of my writing. Perhaps you will enjoy what you read.

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