Brave Through My Disabilities

    Early in 1975, after a linghtly stay in the “psych wards,” I was told by Psychiatrist Gertrude Doughton, DO at Broadlawns (County Hospital) In Des Moines, Iowa that I should give up my dreams of graduate school and a family, move in with my mother, sit back and collect SSI from Social Security.Continue reading “Brave Through My Disabilities”

The Love Eternal of J.S. Bach

  Oh Eternal, and John, who He did Love best Who wrote of Perter’s great conversion Touched Him, Jesus to touch Peter, Least of these Twelve, Anna, oh he loved her into children Eleven dear ones, great musicians,every note Intertwined  in four Part Harmony, Love St. Mathew’s Passion, Eternal govern Me Oh my Lord, AngelicaContinue reading “The Love Eternal of J.S. Bach”

Little Wisdom’s Drugs, Alcohol

He rode into my life because of nesting Fear, wonderment, asking again, again Where are green trees, giving us wood? Used up for toilets in the USA, when others Use dry crop stubble, rags to wash again Sanitation need not be wasteful, where Does news printing happen just for adds for cars, Sleep aids, trickContinue reading “Little Wisdom’s Drugs, Alcohol”

Frogs Hibernate at Turtle Creek

We’re sitting at dedicated park Bench, red, grey, people, man Woman on plaque says they Left earth five years; did these Middle class folks realize how Long this bench would witness Loving kindness, under Turtle Creek mud, as males, females Dive beneath muddy banks Before snow flies into caverns Of death–my goodness, no perhaps Not,Continue reading “Frogs Hibernate at Turtle Creek”