I Praise my Lord, Death through Jordan!

By His own hand–He leadeth me! He loves me, Jesus Christ loves me, I have in my mind this vision of little Chuck saying to this man, “Who are you?” “I’m Jesus little one, so who might you be??” This is my mind, my memories of little seven-year=old Chuck walking going where, to keep mom and dad together, because of the man, Rev. Cleaver, who could help me, and I learned a little about Jesus, how you loved little children, this after I walked from the back of the church, we always sat three rows from the last, all the way to the front of the church and to men had seen me coming, and they asked, “Do you want to know Jesus?” and I said yes, I want to know him, and this is what it took, and you Lord, You have followed me to Iowa, from California to Europe, and back, and back and forth until I got to Colorado State, and then again I was asked about you, and I remember a big man placing his strong arm around my shoulders and saying “Keep coming back. It works!” He had 5 years sober and I could not believe him and asked him, How did you get sober? I saw him again at a few meetings, but some would come to meetings again I wouldn’t see them ever again, and I said I was agnostic, and maybe atheist not really knowing what those words meant until I knew You, oh Lord I am so sorry it took me so long not knowing how much I needed you! I guess I can say I really do love You, that I never knew what You were doing for me until I looked back, and these people all along the way, some would come, and some would go! Oh Lord, I pray right now for a miracle for Marjorie, right now oh Lord, I hold

You in my heart and I write for Marjorie, and You know, do for her, oh Lord, what You have done for me. Fill my heart with Thy love, and let me hold these people in my Heart. This is such a love, I cannot escape, and I know where I have belonged.

Published by elgwynone

I was a University and community college instructor before retiring. I also worked in fast food restaurants, and retail stores. I am an ordinary man writing for because I want to write and because my education prepared me to write; BA English lit, MA English, EdS higher education, and MFA creative writing, free verse poetry and essays. Blogs are an answer to high-priced self-publishing. Walt Whitman had to self-publish his first 1000 copies of the 1855 edition of Leaves of Grass because in 1855 poetry did not sell. Most poets make a living in other ways than writing. Wallace Stevens was an insurance executive, and TS Eliot was a banker. Many writers teach, and always there have been writers who have written because they needed to express their thoughts and feelings. They wrote not necessarily to make money but to express "the old universal truths of the human heart" according to Faulkner. Here I reach a wider audience I missed than by self-publishing, and I stand a better chance to reach a wider audience for less expense than self-publishing. I self-published my first books, Winter from Spring, and Meditations on Gratitude; poetry and photo books which were easier to self-publish than to seek a not to seek a publisher company. This blog allows me to write for an interested audience because I write poetry and personal essays. I write for a friendly audience and present to you a slice of my writing. Perhaps you will enjoy what you read.

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