At His Feet, Where Grace Is Wonder

Trade my forgiveness worn legs with You Where I wish for bread of life, up from death My only vision I pray forgiveness, cannot withstand My anger down, my death unfurled to Thee Day often long away, I wish for light of day Lay down first drink, first bottle You are found, Now my onlyContinue reading “At His Feet, Where Grace Is Wonder”

I Was a Fat Boy for a Short Time.

It began in the 4th grade when I left my dad for Iowa because of my mom’s divorce–my brother got mean, and I became reclusive, and eating was my past time; I would even eat whatever was in the refrigerator–so what? Well, pickles, old fries, heads of lettuce with lots of expensive dressing, candy, imitationContinue reading “I Was a Fat Boy for a Short Time.”

When Will I Learn, Stories about Anger

Oh my anger has gotten me into trouble many a time, oh back to the seven-year-old boy, slumped in the kitchen, weeping, daddy, please come home, don’t leave us…this boy began to gain weight, stuffed anger, and the last vestige of California beauty, that trip to the top of Pine Mountain, above seven thousand feetContinue reading “When Will I Learn, Stories about Anger”

Oh my Lord and Savior…Let it be…

I have found ways to show my love and Your love without even mentioning anything about God, or my Savior, or the Holy Spirit–lead with true love, with observation, with simple essence, with kindness, picking up my cloths, keeping the bathroon reasonable (I have never once left the seat up, but other ways), picking upContinue reading “Oh my Lord and Savior…Let it be…”

As it were, I sit Shikantaza

Life, consistent, flowers, Thus, I sit, open mind To middle path again, My wife, my Rakusu Cover, block scraps, yet Black brocade beauty Lining, the vast interior Of the simple squares sewn In straight lines with open of solid Black cloth, round, my old teach My poet friend practices Tai Chi Sikantaza the middle sitting,Continue reading “As it were, I sit Shikantaza”

Let Me But Believe Bud Bower

This gift of love, compassion For UNISEX, By-sex, Hetero sex, And United Nations Children’s Fund, the child who does know– Would walk a mile, yet, to like Uncle Bud’s house, Aunt Noreen, all the kids, Jean and Susan, milk goats, Horses, Bud with bread went to work with truck, To make millions, his children comingContinue reading “Let Me But Believe Bud Bower”

This Is My Praise To The Lord

Most people walk thine lines Between what they want, What they have, charging On a card until its maxed There is no Praise in things, What one has and what wants Bread or fear of not having enough, What’s enough of radios, TVs, toasters, Books, furniture, brown cedar chests, Old coins hidden in tin cans,Continue reading “This Is My Praise To The Lord”