How Could I Love Another in Blue

She caught my vision, something She is with impairment, She Nearly blind in the left eye, Her favorite color, Blue, Deep navy blue, lighter Shades, mostly all blues, nothing Will suffice, just¬† Blue, Her voice contralto, she sings In the car when she is happy, Though I have heard her sing When she is blue,Continue reading “How Could I Love Another in Blue”

This is My Blog, in spit of those others. This is the place I feel comfortable writing.

We are human in some very special ways much like all Earth Life–so where does my God fit in–I believe in Jesus, my redeemer. I did a lot of bad stuff in my life, and as Jesus believed I am forgiven. As Jesus Believes in my life I AM FORGIVEN. God loves me, and throughContinue reading “This is My Blog, in spit of those others. This is the place I feel comfortable writing.”

If too interested perhaps I must elaborate…

My friend said in a previous post, one or two sentences was best for him, and I thought I would be the same about an essay reading “of course I would be accepted!” what I meant by this that in any sense of being my wife and others accept me, and some daily…She does muchContinue reading “If too interested perhaps I must elaborate…”

A Universal Income Might be a Great Force for Christians

Of course, universal income is an ideal place for Christians to support our great Testament “Love God first, and like unto this, Love one another.” Jesus would have us all maintain basic income for everyone thereby allowing an industry to forge ahead with research and development of such areas as robotics, and it would maintainContinue reading “A Universal Income Might be a Great Force for Christians”

We Never Left Des Moines

I was about 11, and we’d Landed before another ancient Relative waiting to be had Until yesterday was nearly gone Into otherworldly accents, words We did not fathom, left floundering In ditches of sage undergrowth. I would land again in yet another Impoverished land of America When finally we drove out into Pleasant Hill, thisContinue reading “We Never Left Des Moines”