The Pain is too much with me…

So, in the morning someone would be thankful to get out of what I am about to go through. I will receive 15 mg of Valium by mouth, and then they will give me injections with hollow needles It is about to make me sick, my stomach very upset. What I will go through is a compromise because I will no longer need hard pain medications. I will go through a Radiofrequency or a Rhizotomy of the facet joints to deaden extreme pain, and the hope is that some of my situations can be alleviated. I suffer from a rare arthritic condition, Ankylosing Spondylitis, a disorder which has affected every part of my body. The worst of my condition appears and demands so much of, in my cervical vertebrae, notably C 2, C 3, C 4 and in these areas one finds nearly no spine and spinal chord compression.IMG_1018.jpg

Published by elgwyn

I was a University and community college instructor. I am an ordinary man writing for artistic reasons, and simple taste-- blogs are an answer to high priced self-publishing. Walt Whitman had to print his 1000 paper books himself because in 1855 poetry did not sell. It does not sell now unless you have a Pulitzer Prize, and even then, the poet usually makes a living in other ways than poetry. In all ages there have been writers writing out of their own reasons. I am an older man with fewer computer skills than my daughter. Blogs let me reach an audience missed by books, and I stand a better chance to reach a wider audience. My two self-published books, Winter from Spring, and Meditations on Gratitude, Charles E Taylor, MFA, and a third coming out sometime next year, through The Book Patch: For Patty Brown... satisfy needs to hold books, and, yet, still read as electronic books which are easier to produce than paper books. The blog allowed me to write a compendium of my writing. I can combine composition with production. Wordpress provides word processing with production. When the writer finishes writing they press publish and then a finished piece. I’m happy to present to you a slice of my personal writing. Do enjoy what you read!

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