I Call This Compassion, and Who Knows?

I walked into this shoe store fully intending to buy $40.00 New Balance sneakers asking the salesperson to direct me to these shoes. The first shoes drawing my attention were $65 New Balance leather sneakers; would you call them cross trainers? I walked to Marjorie to ask if we could afford these with $20 arch inserts. and she responded, ” I better not hear about shoes for at least a year.” I am beholden to Marjorie for just about everything, and this was the second pair in as many days. The first had been orthotics which had included $50 innersouls and $70 Dr Comfort shoes. So, rightly so she was angry because my money went to pay an extravagant charge account. She gave me $60 dollars a week, the rest of my Social Security going toward bills, but this time I took advantage knowing that we probably had the money in the bank. Coming home I was able to wangle a second pair of shoes making the total come to about $220, and even though I knew this was too much, I reasoned that if she bought herself a pair of cheaper shoes, everything would be alright. She didn’t bite because I was pushy, and she found nothing in her size she liked.

At 4:30 a.m. the next morning I read the story of Jesus washing the feet of the Disciples, and I cried because of the jerk I had been the next day vowing to never judge my wife again. As she woke to check on me, I cried out my sincere apology and said I should go back to bed. I read a story of a woman who advised the milder sentence perpetrated upon her as a horrific crime. The young man wept into this understanding woman’s arms, and I cried all the harder. How could I have failed as a Christian, and I vowed to never judge my precious Marjorie again. But, only God can know if I will, or if I have truly changed for the better.

Charles Taylor C 2018

Published by elgwynone

I was a University and community college instructor before retiring. I also worked in fast food restaurants, and retail stores. I am an ordinary man writing for because I want to write and because my education prepared me to write; BA English lit, MA English, EdS higher education, and MFA creative writing, free verse poetry and essays. Blogs are an answer to high-priced self-publishing. Walt Whitman had to self-publish his first 1000 copies of the 1855 edition of Leaves of Grass because in 1855 poetry did not sell. Most poets make a living in other ways than writing. Wallace Stevens was an insurance executive, and TS Eliot was a banker. Many writers teach, and always there have been writers who have written because they needed to express their thoughts and feelings. They wrote not necessarily to make money but to express "the old universal truths of the human heart" according to Faulkner. Here I reach a wider audience I missed than by self-publishing, and I stand a better chance to reach a wider audience for less expense than self-publishing. I self-published my first books, Winter from Spring, and Meditations on Gratitude; poetry and photo books which were easier to self-publish than to seek a not to seek a publisher company. This blog allows me to write for an interested audience because I write poetry and personal essays. I write for a friendly audience and present to you a slice of my writing. Perhaps you will enjoy what you read.

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